Keeping an eye on city street trees

City trees 3aHaving received a message of concern about street trees such as the above being felled in one of our attractive Kent cities, we advised that (in our view) if anyone in a community is seriously concerned about tree felling by a public authority they could ask for a proper response from that public authority to reassure them. Either the tree officer or landscape department, or local councillor(s) may be able to help. Very often however, for street trees it is KCC Highways rather than the local authority – and they are usually equally reluctant to spend money felling trees unless they think they have to.

If still not satisfied that the felling, or proposed felling, is justified, concerned individuals or groups could if they wish, take further independent advice, and contact other local individuals, or appropriate community groups, to see if  the concern is shared by others. Social media or local papers or local radio/TV may sometimes be helpful. Local Tree Wardens may be able to advise on appropriate activity. However the emphasis should always be on encouraging and supporting public authorities to maintain trees in towns and cities, and in encouraging more trees and other vegetation wherever possible and practical for their huge health and amenity benefits for us.

If trees have to be felled for safety reasons, then re-planting, perhaps of better trees, may be possible. Helping the public authority by taking responsibility for supplementary watering and keeping an eye on newly planted trees, either as individuals or local community groups, can be very rewarding indeed, and Volunteer Tree Wardens in Kent have a good record for supporting such positive action by their communities.

Please contact us for more advice on supporting tree planting and care in all areas in Kent!

Trees helping to protect communities from traffic fumes and noise:

City trees 1a

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