Champion Trees in your area!

Champion trees in Kent

Tree Wardens absolutely love to help out identifying and measuring the tallest and greatest girth of all the different species and cultivars of trees found in Kent. These are all listed as County Champions on the Tree Register of the British Isles and Ireland (TROBI). Membership, and searchable access to the records of all the Champions costs as little as a pound a month and is a great tree charity to support!

For example, a friend re-measured the Kent champion of the rare Crab-apple Malus kansuensis on private ground the other week. The tree was last officially measured 19 years ago. An amazing tree, unusual lobed leaves and egg-shaped fruit, what a pleasure to identify it, measure it and update its records on “The Tree Register”.

Malus kansuensis                        Malus-kansuensis.Fr_-225x300

Do you think you own or know of a county champion tree in your area, your parish or town, or even your own garden? Do let us know!

One thought on “Champion Trees in your area!

  1. Hi, I think I may have several trees worthy of this title. They are located on Sandbanks Farm and I am happy to show someone their whereabouts.

    Vicky Ellis BSc (Hons) MRes


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