Our funding and grants

How does the money work? We run an extremely lean organisation – thanks to our fantastic volunteers, all our Tree and Pond Wardens, and often because we like working in partnership with other organisations. Volunteer Tree and Pond Wardens often act as fixers or middle-men (and middle-women), seeing opportunities, sorting out problems, and bringing people together. Its often more about people-skills, than about specific tree or pond expertise.

Where do we get our funding from? We do still have to pay our insurance (vital) and other unavoidable costs, including particularly training costs. We are extremely grateful for the steady support we have received over the years from Kent parishes, towns and other communities, which allows our wardens to continue to work in our communities. Where wardens keep in regular contact with their “sponsoring” organisations (and vice-versa) this tends to keep our funding much more sustainable in the long run.

Do you wish to donate to either the Kent Tree Wardens or the Kent Pond Wardens? Our wonderful treasurer Sean Brabon, would be delighted to hear from you! Sean lives at 13 Knott Crescent, Willesborough, Ashford, Kent, TN24 OUF, from where he also carries out both his local Pond Wardening and his work with Ashford Community Woodland. Sean is very happy indeed to receive cheques or electronic payments to either (or ideally, both!) of our two accounts “Kent Tree Wardens” or “Kent Pond Wardens”. Sean may be contacted on seanofashford@hotmail.co.uk.

Potential sources of funding for YOUR tree or pond-related project. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Keeping sponsoring individuals or donating organisations fully involved and engaged over the longer term is vital, and there are many examples of superb projects brought to completion in Kent thanks to the generosity of many funders, and the tenacity of local wardens. “Free trees” schemes are currently run by the Woodland Trust and the Kent Men of The Trees may also be able to help in some circumstances. Equipment may be available on loan from a variety of sources, and advice should always be available from other wardens. Ideas on funding available from any of the Committee members.