Would you like to join us or support us?

To become a Tree Warden or a Pond Warden in Kent, contact our Chairman David Carey on kentpondandtreewardens@gmail.com, kentpondandtreewardens@gmail.com in the first instance to have a chat about what you would like to do, and then perhaps we can jointly talk to your Parish (or other local organisation) about what needs doing in your community, and how they can best make use of your talents and enthusiasm. If there is a match, then bingo, its a go!

If more than one person in the community wants to be a Tree or Pond Warden – no problem. It can  be a job-share for as many people as it suits! And if you want to be both a Tree Warden and a Pond Warden for your community, if you have the time and energy – again, no problem! Its all about flexibility.

Always remember to work well within your capabilities and technical expertise, and use the same rule for any other individuals you might be working with. It should all be in the risk assessment for anything you do, as an individual or as a group. And remember there is a huge range of things you can do, but a short list of things you must NOT do – see this page!

Here are a couple of simple posters which could be put up in your community, asking if anyone would like to be a Pond Warden or a Tree Warden.

The Kent Tree and Pond Partnership commits to hold any personal data securely and use it only for purposes that it was given. Data will not be shared with any
other organisations without your permission.

If you do not want to be a Tree or Pond Warden yourself, but would like to support us in other ways, we would be delighted to hear from you! Information on our funding, and how to support us financially is found on our Funding and Grants page