Planting Street Trees

Planting trees in your road

Are you thinking about getting trees planted in your road? It is possible, if the trees are carefully chosen, the site is judged suitable by Kent Highways, it is feasible to raise the money for them, and if the community will provide sufficient support in terms of tree care and maintenance and overall “buy-in”.

We are hoping that Tree Wardens and their communities will consider joining us in looking for sponsorship from local residents, local firms, parish councils or other sponsors, very much along the lines of the large-scale scheme run as “Street Trees for Living” by the Brockley Society in Lewisham, London, but on a local level appropriate (we hope) to your village or town in Kent.

If you think that in your local area there is a sufficiently strong demand and support for some (one or more?) new or replacement street trees, and IF you would like some help getting your scheme off the ground, please do contact David so that we can help you negotiate a planting scheme with Kent Highways.  We will hope to do a preliminary assessment and provide more detailed advice on what trees might be suitable to plant in your area, and to try to think about the impacts on road users, health and safety, local residencies and businesses. We would then like to help you take forward your submission for tree planting to KCC. We would like to do this in partnership with you and other nearby tree wardens, your local communities and Kent Highways, so that we can all gain experience and develop best practice for street tree planting in Kent.